Thursday, November 18, 2010

neon indian - mind, drips (2001:a space odyssey)

for my thesis i´m writing about 1960´s space agein neon indian´s(which i by the way adore) music video you see hints from stanley kubrick´s 1968 film; 2001:a space odyssey. a oscar nominated film worth seeing. a big inspiration for both my thesis and final project this year.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

elements & principles of design

design elements and principles are assumed to be the fundamental for all good visual design. an awareness of the elements and principles of design can help you to evaluate others design and to spot trends and changes in the market.  
the elements of design are: line, shape, value, colour, space and texture. these elements are joined with the design principles: balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis and unity. together they create success!

here are some examples, also inspiration for my degree project: 

                   Spiegel publishing house, Hamburg, designed 
                   by Verner Panton, 1969.

the direction of lines with integrated circular shapes and the contrast between warm and cool colours works together and creates a rhythm in the room.

                   Verner Panton´s Fantasy Landscape at 
                   Cologne furniture fair, 1970.

the flexible shapes and lines, the warm/cool colour contrast, and the soft texture is working together in unity. 

                  Verner Panton´s design for the Sales exhibition 
                  for Plus-linje and Unika Vaev at Möbel Pfister 
                  in Zurich, 1961.

the value of geometrical shapes, contrasting colours, texture on walls, floors and ceiling, and the  direction of the lines makes this a emphasis design.  

                           Børre Sæthre´s exhibition: 
                           My private sky at Astrup Fearnley 
                           Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, 2001.

the oval shape and direction of lines creates proportion and balance within the room. 

                   The Trans World Airlines terminal, JFK 
                   airport, New York. Designed by 
                   Eero Saarinen, 1962. 

the use of empty, big space, the ceiling hight, the curved lines and strong colour contrast creates a openess and a unity within the building.