Saturday, October 23, 2010

BA(Hons) design ideology

ideology: the branch of philosophy or psychology dealing with the origin and nature of ideas.
my final degree project is a "center for futuristic living" located in liberty hall, dublin. my ideology is to create a new exhibition venue in dublin. the liberty hall is the perfect building with its tall and narrow construction. in the future it might not be room for any long and wide buildings.
with creating a wow-factor, the venue will attract young, urban people that are curious about the future and in a way prepare them for what is to come. the exhibitions are based upon a technological utopia, a prediction of a perfect world. by letting the visitors explore the exhibitions it will stimulate them to think about the future world. perhaps these futuristic predictions will never happen if people realize how important it is to take care of our planet before all our natural resources are gone.

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