Monday, February 14, 2011

design theory: aesthetics

Is there a way of deciding, when there are different varying
interpretations of a work of art, which one is correct? – Or is
there such a thing as correct interpretation?

We think how people perceive art is subjective. People have
different opinions as to what art is and what reactions they
get from viewing art. Some people might think a lamp, a door or a
bin bag is art while other people think only a painting or a
sculpture exhibited in a gallery is art.

People having studied art or have a genuine interest and/or
experience in viewing and analysing art may feel that their
educated opinion is correct. We think that even if their opinion
might be backed up by art historians studies, an uneducated art
viewer’s perception of the art work cannot be considered wrong.

Interpretation of art may depend on people’s experiences and
cultural differences.

To conclude: We do not believe an interpretation of a work of art
is correct or incorrect as it depends on the persons view.

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